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Don’t believe the hype. Create it yourself.



“How to define my target audience? Where to find them and more importantly, how to reach them in the most efficient way?
How to get the most out of my marketing budget? How to measure results and how to improve them?”

Valid questions you’re having. We’ll give you the answers.



We create marketing & communication concepts worth spreading with a strong focus on brand experience.

Let your fans and customers see, feel, hear, smell, taste & live your brand so they feel the urge to share with their friends. “You should see this !!”



The best brand advocates? You and your team!

Tailor-made coaching sessions and tutorials turn you into a social media ninja, ready to attack your social media channels.



Facebook Advertising? Influencer Marketing? Visual Storytelling? Community Management?

Don’t bother, we do. We initiate the spreading of your message for the world to hear with our skills and tools through your and our networks and social media channels.

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We’re your perfect blend of creativity, experience and enthusiasm, always with a strong focus on results. We are Contagency.

CONTAGENCY.com is your inspiration source & driving force for better sales results through smart & efficient marketing. Our services are designed to help you improve those aspects of your mark & comm strategy where a fresh approach is imperative.

Don’t worry, we won’t bore you with a long history of how we have become what we are now. Or how we got together as a team. We spare you the emo story. Lucky you! What we need you to know is how Contagency works and what our philosophy is. So pay attention, listen up and read carefully.

Contagency is the product of 3 self employed friends and many freelancers. We strongly believe in a close relationship with the client. So each one of us gets to connect with the client (yes, that’s you). No project managers, no account managers but 3 creative, strategic masterminds with managing skills. The best of both worlds put together.

Our goal is to make the online world a better place. Or at least a more creative and effective one by using online media for what it’s meant: convert fans into loyal customers and brand ambassadors.


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It’s not about the LIKES. It’s all about the SALES.

— Tom Verschuere, Founder & Marketing Strategist —







Tom Verschuere


Tom Verschuere

Tom Blight


Tom Blight

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Kenny Vermeulen


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